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SubbieHub has developed a unique set of 22 comprehensive metrics to measure your subbie engagements

Hiring sub-contractors can feel like a jig-saw puzzle, with a wide range of admin, legal obligations and endless documents to juggle.

Too often, small businesses are missing small pieces of the puzzle that blow-out admin costs, take up too much time and leave you stressed and frustrated.

At SubbieHub we have developed a unique set of 22 metrics to benchmark sub-contractor engagements. Having a clear set of metrics allows you to identify opportunities or spot gaps in your processes.

22 metrics

The Process


Having a set of clear metrics is critical to establish our baseline and guide us towards ongoing improvements.


We live in a faced-paced world and we need tools to help us keep up to date with an ever changing environment.


Revision is a process that allows us to regularly make minor adjustments that keep us on course and working towards our goals.

The Engagement


Going through the steps, checks and processes for engaging a new subbie are the first critical step to get right.


In the course of a subbie engagement there are inevitably a wide range of variables that need to be documented appropriately.


Having a strong understanding of your rights and responsibilities in a contracting arrangement is central to meeting your obligations.

The Outcome

Increased Productivity

Correctly structured contracting arrangements should result in a highly productive working environment.

Improved efficiencies

Contracting naturally drives efficiencies as people are rewarded for results rather then simply being present.

Simplified Compliance

Compliance is a moving target and keeping your finger on the pulse with simple measurements is critical

We found SubbieHub’s advice and knowledge to be clear, helpful and professional and would highly recommend all businesses to utilise their services. Subbie Hub could advise you on something you may be managing incorrectly when engaging sub-contractors.”

Brendon Callaghan, Ready Fence

“The Subbie Review carried out by SubbieHub was an easy process that highlighted previously unknown risks – followed by a simple plan to eliminate the risks.”

Tim Davidson, Davidsons Plumbing

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