Simple solutions for hiring subbies

Subbie Scorecard

A free, simple self-assessment that measures the strengths of your engagements

  • Access the scorecard for FREE

  • Answer 20 simple yes or no questions

  • Complete the review in just minutes

  • Your personalised scorecard report delivered directly to you

  • Complete privacy in your answers

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SubbieHub Platform

A digital platform to monitor, manage & measure your sub-contractor engagements

Document storage

Store all the important docs for a sub-contractor in a safe and secure online database.

Ongoing monitoring

Never miss an important deadline with built in tracking, reminders and notifications to keep your finger on the pulse.

Performance history

Keep a detailed record of all a subcontractors activities and performances on the job.

Job management

Keep your finger on the pulse with live job management, scheduling and tracking.

Template policies

Access up to date and comprehensive templates for your policies, procedures and systems.

Compliance tracking

Track your subbies against a series of metrics to make sure you stay compliant

Subbie Review

Get peace of mind that all your subbie documentation is on track with a personal and private review

Subbie Reviews are designed to identify missing documents or highlight gaps in the your procedures. As part of this process we will apply a traffic light rating on the evidence provided for each indicator to identify what areas need to be improved.

  • Get on top of compliance by getting clear on your responsibilities.

  • The Subbie Review utilises a comprehensive set of compliance metrics.

  • Review individual subbie engagements

  • Receive your personalised report and action steps

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